Sunday, December 4, 2011



A few weeks ago we headed over to Echo Park Pottery to color mugs for LA artist Peter Shire and The Ecology Center.  Having missed the mug making session the previous week, we met Mr. Shire for the first time and spent a Sunday hard at work dipping a few hundred mugs in glaze.  Mugs are one of Echo Park Pottery's staple items, and the mugs we dipped are now on sale at the studio of their making and the Eco Center's store.  Nearly a dozen of them made it home with Lori and I!

The mugs are a rolled slab construction with variously pointy and half round handles that are surprisingly comfortable to hold.  They are glazed in stripes of yellow, green, pink, blue, and brown with white rings around the lip.

Click through for some process shots.

Echo Park Pottery
Pre glazing

Red glaze

More mugs
glazed mugs
whole lotta glazed mugs

Ready for fire
ready to fire
Finished mug
ready for use

more pics on flickr

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